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Brainstorming That Works for Businesses and Individuals

Have you been doing brainstorming for a while? What method are you using? Do you have a whole list of brainstorming techniques, models, and tools at your fingertips? If not, you may have worn out the one you are using.

You may be using a good technique but always doing the same thing. Eventually everyone starts to look bored and says they are out of ideas.

It's time for something new and better.

It's time to rev up the process and get your team excited about coming up with great ideas again.

The purpose of this site is to put new life into your brainstorming efforts and to give you more reasons to use techniques that help individuals or teams come up with multiple ideas for:
* problem solving
* new product development
* marketing
* advertising
* new ways to approach customers
* new things to do
* new ventures and adventures
* prepare presentations
* plan meetings
* take notes in a lecture
* take notes while reading
* organize your thoughts while analyzing a situation
* write articles and white papers and much more.


The purpose of this web site is to expand your idea generation and problem solving options with something new every time you visit here. It is also to improve business thinking to get better results from business critical and creative thinking.

So look at the navigation bar and pick something that looks interesting. Or read through several pages, pick up some tips, be ready with a variety of choices the next time idea generation is called for.

Brainstorming Blog
The Brainstorming Blog delivers new and updated pages, new information for business brainstorming, new resources, and expanded examples.

Hazel Wagner
The author, Hazel Wagner, The Brainstorming Coach, is introduced.

Contact Us About Our Web Site
Contact us page for permissions to use copyright material from our web site or ask questions, make comments about the brainstorming web site.

Power Brainstorming
Power Brainstorming, the new book from Hazel Wagner

Article Downloads
Article downloads including one on mind-mapping with examples and the amazing story behind one of the mind-mapping software companies.

Interview on Smallbiz America Radio
Hazel Wagner interviewed by David Wolf on Smallbiz America radio.

Brainstorming for Children in School
Brainstorming for Children will give school children better tools for learning.

Brainstorming Techniques
brainstorming techniques

Word of Mouth
a fabulous new word of mouth book you can download at no cost

Brainstorming Critical Thinking
Methods of brainstorming critical thinking to understand problems or issues and to help all parties think more deeply about the subject.

Mind-Map Brainstorming
Mind-map brainstorming is a great tool either on your own or in a group. Learn to use them regularly to brainstorm and you will wish you had known about mind-maps long ago.

Customer Service Excellence Through Brainstorming
Customer Service Excellence through Brainstorming

Brainstorming Tools
A number of brainstorming tools are reviewed.

Mind Mapping Software
Look at a number of mind mapping software programs. Compare their features and prices. Looks at independent evaluations.

On Your Own Mind Mapping
Though brainstorming and mind mapping is more productive with a team, there are times you need to do on your own mind mapping.

  Business Brainstorming
Business brainstorming is a normal part of nearly every business day to consider options for solving problems and responding to opportunities. Too often it is done poorly.

Download ebook on Mastering Net Writing, a complete course
download ebook Masters Course on Writing for the Internet - Easily Write Your Own Web Site

Brainstorming Tips
Brainstorming tips for teams, individuals, and business facilitators.

Advanced Brainstorming
Advanced brainstorming techniques are needed when you have large groups, when you have done preliminary brainstorming and need to take it to the next level, and when you need to observe an activity,

Whole Brain Thinking
Learn to use whole brain thinking to expand your brainstorming, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving

Visual Thinking
Visual Thinking refers to any technique that allows you or your team to build, and build on, a visual concept of the ideas being generated and discussed.

Your Idea Journal
Your idea journal is the most important tool to save your ideas from being forgotten.

More Ideas Coming
This web site will continue to add more ideas and new ways to brainstorm. Contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions for how we can keep you idea generation fresh, lively, and productive.

Brainstorming Meetings
Brainstorming meetings and workshops, be ready with multiple methods. Participants will be enthusiastic about using different techniques and you will get better business results.

Creativity and Brainstorming
Creativity and brainstorming techniques work together

Brain Storm
Brain Storm a bit of history and a discussion of what brainstorming is inside our brains.

Thinking Challenges
Thinking challenges in the form of puzzles and other fun activities can get your creative juices flowing before brainstorming.

Start brainstorming with silent-brainwriting to draw out individual ideas first.

Affinity Diagrams for Brainstorming That Works
Use an Affinity Diagram for brainstorming that works

Innovation Incubators
Consider whether or not to create innovation incubators.

Socratic Method
Use the Socratic method or socratic questioning to improve your brainstorming.

One Right Answer?
Go beyond the one right answer mind set and you will find many possible answers, some even better than your first idea.

Cluster Diagrams Another Way to Mind Map
Cluster diagrams are another way to mind map by starting with the keywords first.

Alex Osborn Brainstorming
Alex Osborn Brainstorming, Osborn coined the word brainstorming and started it as a creativity technique.

Problem Solving
Problem solving in business requires brainstorming of options and alternatives.

Knowledge Mngmnt
Knowledge management includes protecting and expanding a company's intellectual property and base of information and methods.

Business Problem Solving
Business problem solving requires more than the skills you may have learned in school.
Business Writing
Business writing is vastly improved if you first brainstorm key ideas and words.

Business Expert Webinars by Hazel Wagner
Business Expert Webinars will be featuring Hazel Wagner once a month on the subjects of brainstorming, sales management, and customer service.

Your Questions and Feedback
Your questions and feedback will help me continue to grow this site to be your best information every time you want to do brainstorming.

Innovation Brainstorming
Before a company can be thought of as innovative, it must get in the habit of innovation brainstorming.

Marketing Brainstorming
Do marketing brainstorming every time you meet with your team or think about marketing.

Companies I Recommend -- and Use
Companies I recommend to my friends and readers.

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Answer the short brainstorming survey and you will receive the results

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